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Lyric Theatre Staff


Our team works hard to provide a high-quality experience for all of our patrons. We can't wait to welcome you to the Lyric Theatre!

  • General Manager – Jordan Gatenby

  • Customer Experience Director – Sara Spillane

  • Office Manager – Mickey Lee Nelson

  • Facilities Manager – Densley Ledesma

  • Facilities Manager – Fernando Rosado

  • Treasurer – Andrew Grennan

  • 1st Assistant Treasurer – Anthony Oliva

  • Purchaser – LP Morano

  • Customer Experience Associates – Leanne Carman, Emma Clinch, Libby Nelson, Troy Peckham

  • Chief to Staff – Jordan Friedman

  • Head of Carpentry – James C. Harris

  • Head of Electrics – Art J. Friedlander

  • Head of Properties – Anthony Smith

  • Head of Sound – Lucas Indelicato

  • Stage Door Attendants – Daniel Ho, Karina Mendoza, Magnus Percinthe

  • Security – The McLane Group

  • Security Consultant – Joseph R. Guccione, Freeh Group International Solutions


Ambassador Theatre Group – North America
Chief Executive Officer - Stephen Lewin
Executive Vice President, Content & Creative - Kristin Caskey

Content & Creative
VP, Theatrical Programming - Erica Schwartz
Producer - Bee Carrozzini
Programming and Production Assistant - Ben Fleischer
Executive Assistant- Theatrical - Brenna Whaley

Director of Finance - Adam Ball
Finance Business Partner - Victoria Griffin
Finance Business Partner - Frank Morales
Finance Business Partner - John Fisher 

Ticketing & CRM
Director of Ticketing - Jonathan Yesten-Thomas
Senior Revenue Manager - Benjamin Simpson         
Revenue Management Associate - Robert Gallo  
Ticketing Operations Manager - Jessica Bettini
Ticketing Operations Specialist - Molly McNutt
Ticketing Operations Associate - Ryan Rudewicz
Head of CRM and Data Analytics - Justin Sullivan
CRM Manager - Mara Cohen
MCE Ticketing Manager - Annie Fox
MCE Ticketing Associate - Morgan Hogenmiller                                                                              

Food & Beverage
Director of Food and Beverage - Robert Yealu
National Food & Beverage Manager - Alana McKenna

Property and Facilities
Property and Facilities Director - Sandra Toste
Property & Facilities Project Manager - Andy Molino

Human Resources
Human Resources Director - Maureen Slattery
Human Resources Assistant - Dominique Saunders

Corporate Support
General Counsel/Business Development Director - John Rogers
Director of Partnerships - Lauren Bryd
Business Development Manager - Sally Shen
IT Business Engagement Lead - Alberto Vargas Jr.
IT Infrastructure Engineer - William Abraham 
Office Manager - Amy Bizjak

Ambassador Theatre Group - Global Senior Leadership Team
Chief Executive Officer - Ted Stimpson 
Group Content & Creative Director - Michael Lynas
Chief Operating Officer - Nick Potter
Chief Financial Officer - John Oldcorn
Chief Human Resources Officer - Sofia Fleming
Chief Customer Officer - Christopher Edgington
Chief Product & Technology Officer - Richard Zubrik